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What is Performance?

Whether it’s an elite athlete or a Porsche 911, performance is all about doing what it takes to produce a desired result. To best understand performance, we need to look at the entire performance spectrum…
Novice Performance – Beginner’s level behavioral skills which produce low results.
Average Performance – Average performance typically at or near organization’s standards. Since most organizations have minimum standards for employee performance, this level of performance is basically “satisfactory”. Performers typically produce inconsistent results (some high performances mixed with lower performances).
Superior (Expert) Performance – The ability to demonstrate effortless execution of skills which are reproducible and thereby consistent in producing the desired output (results).
Superior Performance is a “dominant mode of expression,” says Peter Rodarte, Managing Partner of Sales Development & Performance. “You have to be at the top of your game in order to deliver superior performance consistently.”
Sales professionals are feeling the pressure more than ever to perform and many are asking these questions:
Question 1. Can I develop performance?

Answer: Yes. Superior Performance has been researched for many years and proven to be reproducible and acquired. Critics will argue that talent plays a larger role in performance, but the evidence simply does not support this. At SD&P, we design a clear pathway (blueprint) to your potential which guarantees a minimum level of performance improvement.

Question 2. How do I develop performance?

Answer: Superior performance can be acquired over time by engaging in Deliberate Practice (DP) skills development activities. DP starts with establishing clear performance goals, well designed and accurate skills focus, and a coach/advisor that can provide accurate and timely feedback.

DP requires a commitment of time, a high level of concentration and the openness to receive and accept critical feedback for improvement. Participants must have the right “state of mind” in order to prepare for performance development. This, we refer to it as the “Performance Zone.” You can get into the Performance Zone by exhibiting an “intentionality“ which establishes the baseline for superior performance.