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SHC Services

imagesK34XFDZ7  Business Consulting

In business, especially with a growing one, you have to wear many different hats. As a result, you don't always get the apply all of the knowledge and skills you may have. You're working super hard and juggling many different tasks and projects. This is an opportune time to bring in a smart, experienced business leader who can assist you in taking your business where YOU want to take it. Sedric's advisory services are focused on listening and co-developing the right solutions that move your business to the next level. You get a Fortune 500 level consultant for a fraction of the cost--a business professional who has the experience and know-how to not only identify what needs to be done, but be there to guide you step by step as you execute your plan to success. 

1662817728493 Digital Marketing

Whether a new business, early stage startup, or an established enterprise, reaching the right prospects and clients is one of the most mission-critical needs of any business. SHC is equipped to set up, execute, and track social media campaigns that produce the branding and client converstion results that can take your business to the next level. Our process begins with a free consultation where we learn about your business' target market and marketing goals. From there, SHC will design custom digital marketing campaigns on one or multiple social platforms including; Meta/Facebook, Intagram, Twitter/X, Linkedin, Threads, Eventbrite, and more. We also can design ads for other marketing channels such as email, conventional mail, etc. 

coaching  1:1 Business Coaching

Coaching Per Session 

This service is great for test-driving or getting started in the coaching process. You receive personal 1 to 5 coaching sessions, up to one hour, phone call or live chat, voice only, and self-directed coaching videos and tools. We will spend the first few sessions discussing the mission-critical business issues that you are looking to improve. The remaining sessions will focus on establishing or refining a strong business plan and/or marketing plan designed to grow and sustain your business long term. 

Coaching Packages 

We offer several flexible coaching packages designed with your specific needs in mind. You can select the right package based on the frequency and intensity of the sessions. Our packages include these and other options; number of sessions - duration of weeks/months, modes of delivery - self-directed, phone live, live chat, video conference, and more, and our suite of innovative coaching approaches including our exclusive Video Interactive Practice (VIP) and Cognitive Coaching and Training services. Our pricing packages include; affordable, subscription-based options, no long term contracts, and our happiness guarantee. 

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