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Sales Essentials Workshop

Our most popular training program Sales Essentials consists of an 8 hour online workshop (delivered in four 2-hour sessions) designed to equip salespeople with the knowledge and skill to effectively sell in the B2B/B2C environment. Essentials are the skills most responsible for top sales performance. 


Learning Outcomes 

After successfully completing this workshop, you will be able to...

  • Demonstrate the 6 essential skills of sales communication;
  • 1) Communication Planning, 2) Pausing and Silence, 3) Presenting with Clarity,
  • 4) Attentiveness, 5) Perceptiveness, and 6) Responsiveness
  • Effectively demonstrate these essential skills in a sales simulation
  • Create your personal blueprint performance goals

Target audience:

  •           Sales professionals (Novice to Advance)
  •          Unemployed sales reps looking to maintain or sharpen their skills and gain a competitive advantage for   their next sales career opportunity
  •           B2B sales people who are looking to perform more effectively and consistently
  •           Retail / B2C sales people looking to become a successful B2B sales professional
  •       Sales Managers

Performance Consulting

Is your team’s sales performance where it needs to be?

Do they have the skills to consistently achieve revenue and profit objectives?

Are they capable of selling your "highest value" products and services?

Are your sales managers able to pinpoint the root causes of performance gaps and fix them?

If you answered no or not sure to one or more of these questions, you may be able to benefit from our performance consulting services. With three decades of sales and performance management experience, we are uniquely capable to assist you in identifying, analyzing, developing and implementing a performance improvement solution that exceeds your business objectives. 

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Performance Advisory Services:

  Þ    Strategic Sales Planning

  Þ    Sales Leadership Performance Assessment

  Þ    Training Requirements and Skill Assessment

  Þ    Performance Assessment & Recommendation (Gap Analysis)

  Þ    Metrics/KPI Development and Alignment

  Þ    Sales Compensation Design

  Þ    Employment Engagement Improvement (Engagement Survey)

  Þ    Meeting Facilitation

  Þ    Meeting Guest Speaker

  Þ    CRM Adoption (Specialize in

  Þ    Direct Mail Marketing

  Þ    Operational Outsourcing

  Þ    Special Projects


Our Engagement Process and Approach

  Þ    Client Centered

  Þ    Structured, Process-oriented

  Þ    Customized to your Business Model

  Þ    Documented / Project Managed

  Þ    Goal Oriented with Tracking and Reporting