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Custom Training

Custom Training

Our customized learning solutions are uniquely designed to deliver performance impact.

 For Sales Businesses...

SD&P offers custom training programs designed to drive execution of your business objectives.

Custom Training Solutions:

  •   Custom Training Solutions Featuring Expert-Based Training (XBT) Methodology
  •   Leadership Development (business acumen, leadership foundations, operations and sales)
  •   Business Coaching using our exclusive Video Interactive Practice™ system.
  •  Contract Training Projects: CRM, Customer Service, Marketing etc. We specialize in sales CRM training (i.e.,, siebel, Saleslogix and others)  

 Transforming Learning into Performance

Your custom learning program will not just be another “event” that participants attend and few implement. The SD&P custom training is highlighted by our proven Performance-based Learning™ (PBL) system. PBL identifies and focuses on the most impactful skills that drive the desired performance outcomes by breaking them down into specific learning "chunks." These skill development chunks are refined using "deliberate practice" during and after the training course until the performance goal is achieved.

Clients that deliver SD&P custom learning solutions want more than just another training event that doesn’t move the needle—they want a solution that drives real performance metrics and business results. Most training is singular in focus in that it provides content for knowledge and skill with the “hope” that the participants will use what they have learned on the job. The key to our custom programs is the unique approach that we take in combining skills training with performance principles. Simply stated…the right skills drive the desired performance goals which improve business results... revenue growth, sales profits, market share and so on.

Our “Secret Sauce” to Expert Performance

How do great performers like LeBron James and Robert De Niro continually get better at a faster rate than average performers? How the best doctors become world class? Empirical research has found a consistent ingredient to the success recipe called deliberate practice (DP). DP is a unique training activity specifically designed to improve performance. We have baked DP into every custom program that we deliver and the results are deliciously successful.

What's it Like to Work with SD&P?

As successful sales and training leaders, we have been in your shoes with over three decades of success and experiences selling, running sales businesses and training departments. Our work processes are client-centered... gaining a deeper knowledge of your business by understanding your sales force at the individual level.   

To discover these advantages for yourself, give us a click below or call!