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Expert Selling Roadmap

The Sales Blueprint

The Sales Blueprint™ Model

is a strategic roadmap that guides sales professionals to the next level.


1) Set Performance Goals (Line Of Sight)

The road to superior performance begins with identifying the performance goals you want to improve then following the "blueprint" to excellence.

2) Acquire Relevant Skills (Targeted Learning)

Beginning with a skill assessment, specific skills that drive the performance outcomes are identified (learning needs). Implicit sub-skills that strengthen cognitive intuitive actions are addressed to close learning gaps. 

3) Develop Reproducible Performance (Deliberate Practice)

Empirical research on the acquisition of expert performance has revealed that high performance is strongly linked to Deliberate Practice (DP) training activities. With DP, you develop the most influential aspects of the cognitive skills that most impact performance.

4) Apply Skills on the Job (Learning Transfer)

Acquired skills must be used on the job in order to be of value. Our unique methodologies improves and hastens transfer of knowledge and skill to your work.

5) Repeat, Refine, Improve (Sustained Performance)

How long does it take to become an expert? Experts widely subscribe to the 10,000 hours rule (about 10 years). But under the right conditions, expertise can be accelerated making the journey much faster.