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Helping Churches Grow

Prior to the 2020 pandemic, attendance was in decline in most Houses of Worship (HOW). Today, in the wake of the pandemic, many HOWs have suffered even more sharp declines of their in-person attendance and those that did not have a robust online streaming infrastructure were especially hit hard. Setting the pandemic impact aside, there are several reasons for these declining attendance trends including:
  • Millenials are redefining traditional spiritual devotion into a more self-directed spirituality
  • People have more resources and thus more options on how to spend their time (entertainment, travel, relaxation, etc.)
  • Kids are engaged in many more extracurricular activities including sports which has shifted families away from church 
  • People in general, are not clear on the benefits of worshiping in a house of worship
  • The cultural "guilt factor" has all but disappeared - people feel much more comfortable going to church less than in the past
  • There has been an emergence of many online options for worship and spiritual engagement 
The good news is that some HOWs have adjusted their approach not only mitigate these declining trends, but to grow attendance in spite of them. Sedric Hill Consulting helps faith leaders achieve their spiritual, financial, and evangelistic goals by developing strategies that include:
  • How to develop a financial funding source that's equal to or exceeds your current tithes and offerings by creating a Community Development Corp. 501(c)3 non-profit business structure 
  • Create outreach processes that draw new visitors both in-person and online
  • Adopt a low-cost, branded online streaming platform that optimizes service attendance
  • Implement world-class member evangilism and retention processes
  • Implement First Time Guest - welcome process that drives repeat visits and ultimately sustained attendance and engagement
  • Create and implement strategic plan and growth strategy (3-5 year plan)
  • Create church metrics and measurement processes that provide insights on managing your church more effectively
  • All of the above business methodologies are introduced in support of your mission
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